Why we like the Sub Rooms

The venue has many features which make it one of the best. The sprung floor is a dancers delight, good acoustics and large enough to accommodate plenty of people. The Bar is a perfect chill-out area and beverages are well chosen. Real ales and cider.
Why Stroud?
We have aimed to book some of the best ceilidh bands with their preferred callers. They all have the ability to infuse a special something into old and new tunes for all who come to the dance. Anyone who has run a ceilidh series will know that there is little profit but we hope, after the series, to donate to charities. This year we are supporting Cotswold Care so that they can offer 24hr care for those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. We will be helping Will Cook run an additional dance which will be specifically for this cause in St Barnabas Hall Gloucester. Anyone who has supported these smaller dances will know what a jolly evening they are - it will be the Woodpeckers, an added bonus, playing this time. These dances are ideal for people to go on their own, asking others to dance is common practice, there is no agenda other than wanting to dance. Strangers are included, the nature of social dancing is to join in a small group for a few minutes.

The bands give traditional music a new energy. Anyone who has been to one at a Folk Festival will know what pleasure they exude. It is almost impossible not to want to get up and enjoy the whole atmosphere. It is a wonderful way to socialise and exercise. We hope to end the season with viable finances, as we already have more bands which we would like to come and play for dancing at Stroud.