Ticketing information

By Phone 01453 760900
The box office IS the Stroud Tourist Information Centre (TIC) who are normally open from 10am to 4:30pm Mon - Sat and will take phone bookings for tickets to all Sub Room events. They do not answer the phone at other times.

on-line ticketing
On-line ticketing is also available, both carry a small processing fee. link

On the Door
Tickets on the door are purchaseable from 7:45 through to about 8:30. The TIC do not answer the phone during that time nor immediately before. There is no processing fee for cash. Our fire limit is 200 people and we have never reached that yet. But if travelling any distance it is advised you check with the TIC in case of weather, or arrive sufficiently early to park and walk and queue. (see car park maps)

The Stroud Ceilidh organisers do not handle tickets. We just book the best bands and callers and carry any losses. Non-profit is our remit. An excess of good dancing is our aim. If you have any questions contact us but if you require answers - do give us an e-mail address.


Tickets are currently £10 with concessions (£9.50) for seniors and accompanied young children have special rates.